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Housing loan

House loan

Looking for the best housing loan? Search no further. A private lender, we shed light every day on all home loans in our country so that you know which private lender you are at the right place. By simply entering your loan period and loan amount, you know which private lender offers the cheapest rate.

We make a distinction between a variable and a fixed interest rate. The right interest at the right time can save you a lot of money at the end of the ride. But when should you opt for a variable interest rate? Such an interest is especially interesting when the interest rates are high. In that case, you can assume that the interest on the home loans will fall in the coming months or years. A fall in interest rates is inextricably tied up with a cheaper home loan.

The private lender determines in advance when it will review the interest on your home loan. This can be, for example, annual or five-yearly. The other side of the coin is that the price tag of your home loan increases when the interest rates rise. Although the cost increase is kept under control by a predetermined cap. This means that your housing loan, for example, can become 3 percent more expensive or cheaper. The cap is clearly stated in your contract.

Housing loan with a fixed interest


Those who prefer not to take risks, or who are convinced that interest rates will rise in the future, can take the road of the fixed interest rate. In such a case you protect yourself against further interest rate fluctuations. But that does not mean that you have to keep on grabbing when the market interest rate looks for new depths. After all, you can have your home loan revised if you notice that interest rates are falling. Although there is a price tag attached to such a rate change. The private lender can charge interest for a maximum of three months when you have your home loan revised.

The rates for a home loan on our site are recommended prices. This means that with a private lender you may receive a different rate based on your profile. The private lender can also cut costs if, for example, you take out fire insurance with the same financial institution. You are generally required to take out a balance insurance policy.

Interest rates and product conditions change regularly. Because reliable comparisons are only possible on the basis of current data, the product information (such as interest data) that we provide is often updated daily, or as often as necessary.


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